Here’s a few short videos: A lecture, several brief philosophical perspectives, and two book presentations:

To Love Slowly – lecture held at the “Doing Deceleration Symposium”, Nottingham Contemporary, July 2017

Philosophical perspectives:

What is philosophy?
Mindfulness for healthcare professionals
A Philosophy of Mindfulness – A Journey with Deleuze, April 2017
Why teach philosophy and mindfulness?
Philosophical counseling 

Short presentation of my book, A Philosophy of Mindfulness:

Opmærksomhedens filosofi – frihed, kærlighed og fodbold

Kort præsentation af Opmærksomhedens filosofi – frihed, kærlighed og fodbold:

A few words on wisdom from the backyard
The Happiness of Burnout – a film by Matthias Matz
A breath of philosophy

Presentation of my book, The Happiness of Burnout:

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