The good life becomes increasingly selfless through an increased awareness of, sensibility to, the world beyond the self.” – Iris Murdoch

Writing and philosophizing, for me, goes hand in hand; it is a way of hanging out with life, that is, going where life takes me. In that light, this one life is a philosophical laboratory as well as an ongoing writing experiment.

I grew up in Denmark where I studied business administration and philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. After completing my master’s degree, I continued my doctoral research in practical philosophy. During this period, I studied philosophy and literature at Duke University. For the first time at Duke, I truly experienced living the dream of just reading and writing. I finished my doctorate in 2005.

I wrote my first novel in Denmark Du er (ikke) min? before moving, in 2008, to Barcelona.

Ten years later, my desire to know and existential restlessness brought me back to school. This time, I studied for a Master in Mindfulness at the University of Zaragoza in Spain (2017). During these studies, I thought about mixing mindfulness with the French philosopher Deleuze’s philosophy to make his ethics more operational. The result is the book: A Philosophy of Mindfulness: A Journey with Deleuze.

Next to writing, it’s been my mission to bring philosophy to the masses so that anyone can learn to live better and more attentive lifes full of freedom and love (not domination and greed), and experience more joy in the process. I’ve done so as a lecturer, teacher, a mental trainer for artists and athletes, as well as doing public talks and seminars in Denmark and elsewhere. 

Last, I regularly contribute to Danish newspapers, and participate in Podcast and radio programs. 

If you would like to know more about my talks, tailormade courses or just say hello, feel free to contact me:

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