Ja, vi bør glemme …

Det er på tide, at det enkelte menneske glemmer alle guruerne for derved at se sin egen virkelighed, se sit eget liv, skabe sin egen historie.

Sådan åbner jeg en kronik, der bl.a. handler om psykologen Svend Brinkmann, lidt om Freud, en anelse mere om Deleuze og om at handle således, at du kan gentage dine handlinger.

Læs kronikken her.

Is this the right way?

Late one August evening in a small provincial town, a woman steps out her front door. In her hand, she holds a slim leather briefcase, probably containing a laptop. When she steps down from the small landing in front of the door, a mild breeze fills the air, gently tousling her long blond tresses. She tries to pull her hair back behind her ears without any luck. From the back pocket of her jeans she pulls out a bandeau and ties those unruly locks into a simple ponytail. Now, with no hair interrupting her vision, she looks first to the right and then to the left before turning around to lock the door behind her. After checking twice that the door really is locked, she rotates to face the street for the second time. 

This time she looks to the left first. Actually, at this point, her whole body shifts as she evaluates the possibility of going in that direction. 

Is this the right way? 

Read the rest of the essay in Terse Journal.

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