“I wanna go where my thoughts can take a rest.” – The Raveonettes, Uncertain Times

Can I Involve You?, short story published in Daedalus Magazine, December 2018.

How will I be remembered?, short story published in Daedalus Magazine, November 2018.

Kierkegaard’s True Love, short story published in The RavensPerch, November 2017.

Happy Ending, story published in Talking Soup, May 2017

The Labyrinth of Life, short story published in Jeppe Hein, L’Espace 315, Centre Pompidoe, 2005.


The Love Letter — a writing workshop held at Jeppe Hein’s exhibition “Don’t Expect Anything Be Open To Everything“, at König Gallerie, Berlin, October, 2017.

Who is the clown now? and Circus is business/Business is circus, art-project presented at Circus Hein, Atelier Calder, 2009.

Who i sthe clown now?

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