– writer and philosopher


Here’s some of my short stories and two art-project. Most recent first:

Can I Involve You?, short story published in Daedalus Magazine, December 2018.

How will I be remembered?, short story published in Daedalus Magazine, November 2018.

Mansplaining, short story published in The Critical Pass Review, Spring 2018 (pages 57-63)

Kierkegaard’s True Love, short story published in The RavensPerch, November 2017.

Happy Ending, story published in Talking Soup, May 2017

The Labyrinth of Life, a Deleuze/Serres-inspired short story in Jeppe Hein, L’Espace 315, Centre Pompidoe, 2005.


The Love Letter — a writing workshop held at Jeppe Hein’s exhibition “Don’t Expect Anything Be Open To Everything“, at König Gallerie, Berlin, October, 2017.

Who is the clown now? and Circus is business/Business is circus, art-project presented at Circus Hein, Atelier Calder, 2009.

Who i sthe clown now?

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