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As a writer, philosopher, and teacher with nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve thought seriously about which life is worth living; although each life is a multiplicity, words like love, freedom, and attention, are mandatory. 

Philosophy is a way of life that can help us live freer lives, that is, full of love and joy. Still, the underlying premise is that a philosophy will not necessarily make the world’s problems disappear; nevertheless philosophical thinking is required if we are to get to know ourselves better, take better care of ourselves and others, and learn how we—unintentionally—contribute to suffering in our own lives and perhaps those of others too. It requires compassion and courage to become who we end up becoming. 

As a philosopher, I use philosophy to open more perspectives into your life, to develop a more sensitive and intuitive form of experience, to gently challenge your patterns of thought, belief and habits, and explore the relationships between your thoughts, feelings, and actions, to clarify what may be possible in your life. It’s a practice that helps people think for themselves, never for them. 

My own approach, is inspired by the philosophers Gilles Deleuze, Iris Murdoch and Simone Weil, e.g., how become worthy of what happens in our lives, how become aware of how I am being formed by what happens, and vice versa. Also, I find some inspiration in the ancient Greek philosophers, e.g., their discussion about the relationship between self-knowledge and self-deception; the existentialists, e.g., how we can make sense of our lives; and part of Buddhist thinking, especially mindfulness, e.g., how we can strengthen our capacity to carefully attending to the here and now of experience–that is, to pay attention and remain concentrated.

During the last ten years, I have conducted talks and seminars in Denmark and Spain (present and online) on specific issues: Opmærksomhedens filosofi, stress, burnout, anxiety and existential resistance. Also, I’ve led workshops and courses dealing with sport psychology, sport coaching and ethics, critical thinking, organizational philosophy and mindfulness:

  • “How to become worthy of what happens”
  • “Sport, existentialism and good lives”  
  • “How to create a sustainable organization” 

Furthermore, I have organized and taught courses on critical thinking and creativity, as well as, specialized courses on mindfulness:

I’ve experience with teaching at both business schools, public schools, sport clubs and in private business organizations. Let me help or inspire you, if:

  • Are you stuck? I’ll help you lose what is no longer important.
  • Are you curious about ethics, feminism, or just wondering why Camus is the greatest philosophical action-man, and why Arendt is the greatest action-woman? I’ll tell you.
  • Just looking for more clarity and mindedness in your life? I’ll help you.

If you or your department would like to know more about my talks or tailormade courses, please feel free to contact me: